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Application Deadlines & Infoveranstaltungen
  • Bewerbungsfristen für (Praktikums-) Stipendienprogramme des Referats Internationales (2016):
    • 31. Juli: PROMOS-Stipendien für Übersee-Auslandspraktika

The Institut für Anglistik und Amerikanistik offers a wide variety of different programs for fulfilling the requirement of spending time abroad. Students have different possibilities to improve their language skills by way of studying, working, or interning abroad. This page provides information on various stay abroad possibilities and serves as a starting point for organizing your own experience in an English-speaking country. The Referat Internationales provides excellent and very useful information on the many different possibilities for Dortmund students to study and intern abroad.

  • Students of the LABG 2009 regulation can learn more about the mandatory Stay Abroad (M1) here.
  • Angewandte students should visit the homepage of the Angewandte Studiengänge and consult its FAQ in order to learn more about their possibilities.

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Study Abroad in an English-speaking Environment

For criteria on what counts as an English-speaking environment, please refer to the Stay Abroad page.

Students who wish to study in an English-speaking culture have the following options:


The Institute of English and American Studies has exchange programs with several European universities, among them Leeds and Worcester in the UK. Students participating in the ERASMUS program will receive a travel subsidy and a small scholarship to cover their costs. The ERASMUS coordinators of the Institute also offer an annual ERASMUS Infoveranstaltung in the winter term which addresses all questions regarding partner universities, application procedures, and application deadlines. Watch out for flyers and announcements on the iaawiki. For more information on the program, please consult the ERASMUS page at the International Office and the ERASMUS departmental coordinators at the Institute of English and American Studies.

Application Procedure

Each year, the institute's ERASMUS coordinators hold an information session on the application procedures and deadlines. Students should watch out for flyers and current announcements. If they plan to apply for an ERASMUS exchange, they need to submit the following documents in English to the respective ERASMUS departmental coordinator:

  • application form
  • cover letter with email address
  • CV with photograph
  • transcript of records (Kontoauszug von Prüfungsamt, LSF/BOSS printout, with all courses students have ever taken in the course of their studies - including ongoing courses)
  • a 3-page essay that answers the following questions:

1. What do you expect from your study abroad experience with regard to your academic and personal development?

2. On the basis of which characteristics are you particularly qualified to study abroad, and what makes you especially attractive for the host university?

3. What actions and events at your host institution can you imagine organizing to make TU Dortmund more popular and to get as many foreign students as possible interested in studying in Dortmund?

  • You can find more information on the application procedure here

Outside of Europe: Bilateral Exchange and ISEP

If students want to study outside of Europe, they can apply to the bilateral exchange programs or to ISEP.

  • The bilateral exchange allows them to study at one of TU Dortmund’s partner universities, for instance, in the US, Australia, and Canada. For other exchange opportunities outside of ISEP, please see here.
  • Students wishing to study at universities which are not participating in the bilateral exchange, can apply to ISEP via the International Office. ISEP offers a large choice of universities all over the world. All of those exchange programs waive tuition, that is, students do not need to pay for their studies fees, but additional costs will of course occur. For application procedures, application deadlines, and study regulations, please consult the homepage of the Referat Internationales.

Interning Abroad in an English-speaking Environment

Students also have the possibility to do an internship in an English-speaking country. If the internship is connected to their study program, such as a Stay Abroad, they can apply for funding, such as ERASMUS or PROMOS programs. For funding and internship opportunities, application procedures and deadlines, please consult the internship page of the Referat Internationales.

If students wish to intern as a German language assistant, they can either apply for a School Placement coordinated by Emily Mulder or the Albuquerque Academy coordinated by the Referat Internationales.

Study Abroad & Interning Abroad in a non-English-speaking Environment

Students who wish to study or intern in a non-English-speaking culture have the following options:

Please note: A stay abroad in a non-English-speaking country does not fulfill the requirements of the Stay Abroad that is mandatory for LABG 2009 (M1). However, should students study abroad, some courses might be transfered to TU Dortmund. As this will be judged on an individual basis by the respective professors, students should contact them early.

ERASMUS Partner Universities and Coordinators

The Institute of English and American Studies maintains the following cooperations with European universities.

American Studies:

Contact Person: Julia Sattler

Contact Person: Sina Nitzsche

British Cultural Studies:

Contact Persons: Marie Hologa (during Marie Hologa's maternity leave, please contact Sophia Möllers instead) & Mark Schmitt

Universities Outside of Europe: Israel

The Institute of English and American Studies offers students the possibility to study abroad at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. Please contact Walter Grünzweig and Sina Nitzsche if you are interested in this exchange. The application deadline is 15 November each year.

International Initiatives at TU Dortmund

  • Dortmund Doubles
    • The Dortmund Doubles program is a unique and highly popular network of local and international students. Dortmund students help incoming international students to integrate into campus and city life. The Dortmund Doubles program is an excellent initiative which provides students from various backgrounds a way of understanding the mechanisms of an intercultural exchange. The program is organized by Hanna Rodewald.
  • Cultural Companions

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