Creating Classroom Materials and Classtests in Sek II

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Course Information

Nr. Kursbezeichnung Typ Zeit Raum DozentIn
154322 Creating Classroom Materials and Classtests in Sek II 2 PS/HS Mo 18:00 – 19:30 R. 3.208 Pentzek

Course Description

Analyzing and interpreting different kinds of media are essential activities in the EFL classroom at Sekundarstufe II and mandatory requirements for classroom-based assessments and examinations. Learners at this level are expected to be skilled in this particular area. At the same time, a considerable number of teachers seem to struggle with the question of how these basic skills can be developed, and depend on educational publishing companies to supply them with ready-made teaching materials. Relying on this aid is becoming more and more problematic, as modern language teaching needs to flexibly respond to the needs of the learners and the content- and outcome-based specifications in the curricula and central exit exams, such as Zentralabitur. Accordingly, this class focuses on the analysis and interpretation of different media (film, fictional and non-fictional texts, advertisements, etc.), and on the development, administration and evaluation of various relevant assessment procedures.

Course Requirements

Please note: This course cannot be taken if you have already taken “Analysis and Interpretation in Sek II” with M. Pentzek!


Lehramtsstudiengänge: MA Lehramt:
  • 1101, 1102
LPO 2003:
  • GHR: 2d, 4a, 4b
  • GyGe: 2d, 5a, 5b
  • SP1. Fach: 2d, 4a, 4b
  • SP2. Fach: 3a
  • BK: 2d, 5a, 5b
LABG 2009:
  • G: 202, 801, 802
  • HRG: 202, 801
  • GyGe/BK: 202, 801
  • SP: 202, 704, 801, 802
LABG 2016:
  • G: 202, 801, 802,
  • HRSGe: 202, 801, 803
  • GyGe/BK: 202, 801, 803
  • SP: 202, 704, 801, 802
Angewandte Sprachwissenschaften/

Angewandte Literatur-/Kulturwissenschaften:

  • B.A.ALK:
  • B.A.AS: Kern: 6bc, 8c, Komp: 3c, 4a
  • M.A.ALK:
  • M.A.AS: 2ab, 3ab
Angewandte Sprachwissenschaften/

Angewandte Literatur-/Kulturwissenschaften PO ab WS 16/17:

  • B.A.ALK:
  • B.A.AS: Kern: 6bc, 8c Komp: 3c, 4a
  • M.A.ALK:
  • M.A.AS: 3ab