Developing the Four Skills

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Winter Semester 2019/20

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Course Information
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154324 Developing the Four Skills - Blockseminar 2 PS/HS
  • 17.02.20
  • 18.02.20
  • 19.02.20
  • jeweils 8:30-12:30 & 14:00-17:30
R. tba Adam
Course Description

The seminar will focus on the four basic communicative skills, listening and speaking, reading and writing, always regarding the primacy of intercultural communicative competence as the primary goal of second-language teaching. Besides analyzing what is theoretically and cognitively necessary to listen or speak to native or non-native speakers (taking into account the role of English as a global lingua franca), read or write a text, we will get to know and evaluate how these four skills can be trained with the help of textbooks used in the modern ESL class. Students will be required to create their own tasks with regard to the four skills according to the theory of tasked-based language learning and the curriculum. The seminar will thus be turned into an ESL classroom where students need to try out their own hands-on approach. Further information as well as preparatory reading tasks will be uploaded on Moodle.

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