Language and Emotion

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Course Information

Nr. Kursbezeichnung Typ Zeit Raum DozentIn
154154 Language and Emotion - Blockseminar 2 HS
  • Fr, 08.06.2018
  • Sa, 09.06.2018
  • Fr, 22.06.2018
  • Sa, 23.06.2018
    • jeweils von 10:00–18:00
R. 3.206 Möhlig-Falke

Course Description

Emotions have long been acknowledged to be our main incitements and sources of motivation for all kinds of social interaction but also for learning, memorizing and thinking. This course treats the multifaceted relationship between language and emotion, comprising emotion expression, emotion performance, and emotion enactment through language, emotions in cognition and cognitive linguistics, emotions between universality and culture-dependency, taboo and politeness, historical changes in the conceptualization of emotions, embodiment of emotion, cognitive groundings and metaphorization, empathy creation in literature and film, emotions about language use and language users (attitudes) as well as emotion and language in politics and advertising. We will discuss methods for the linguistic investigation of the relationship between language and emotion.

Please register for the course online in the regular way and additionally send me a notification by e-mail to once you got a place in this seminar.

Course Requirements

Students are to develop their own small research scheme, which is to be worked out in a term paper (following the requirements at the English and Linguistics Departments of TU Dortmund) to be handed in by 15/10/2018. Active participation in group work and in a group presentation on the second weekend is a prerequisite.

Reading List

Introductory reading: Wilce, James M. 2009. Language and Emotion: An Introduction. (Studies in the Social and Cultural Foundations of Language). Cambridge: CUP.


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