Laurence Kane

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Current Announcements
  • Students not on LSF and wanting to take part in my courses (e.g. exchange students, latecomers, etc.) will need a code word to self-register for the appropriate Moodle room. If you write me a mail at, I will send the code.

Contact Information

Dr. Laurence Kane

Responsibilities/Research Interests

I ceased to be a full-time member of staff on 31.08.2009. However, I will continue to give a few seminars on a part-time basis. I will be holding regular office hours, doing some examinations in Fachdidaktik and will be available to sign student papers. I will no longer be involved in supervising the stay abroad or in examining for Module 1 or Sprachpraxis.

Office Hours

summer semester 2018
  • Thursdays, 11:00 - 12:00

Courses in the SS 18

Courses in Past Semesters

  • A list of courses in past semesters can be found here.