Linguistic Research Colloquium

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Summer Semester 2020

  • In order to get the access information for the colloquium, please contact Patricia Ronan.
  • New dates and procedure have been announced, see below for details!
  • If you want to present your own research, please register with Patricia Ronan by 19.06.

Course Information
Nr. Kursbezeichnung Typ Zeit Raum DozentIn
154160 Linguistic Research Colloquium 2 OS
  • Fri 19.06., 16-19
  • Sat 20.06., 10-17
  • Thu 30.07., 9-16
  • Fri 31.07., 9-16
R. 3.206 Gerold Schneider
Course Description

The colloquium this semester will start with sessions introducing statistics (descriptive, inferential, model statistics and others) with R, largely taught by PD Dr. Gerold Schneider. In the second block you are encouraged to present your own current research. Advice, both general and statistical, will be provided. Please register your presentations titles with Patricia Ronan, before June 19th.
The first block will take place digitally via Webex. The second block may take place either digitally or face-to-face, depending on the situation.

This colloquium is open to all students with an interest in linguistics who wish to gain an impression of the possible approaches, topics, and methods of research into the structure and history of the English language. In particular, it is meant as a discussion forum for advanced students who are working on doctoral, Master’s, or BA theses, and as a showroom for those intending to do so at a later point in time. Ongoing work on such projects will be presented and discussed in class, giving the authors a chance to collect useful reactions on a broader scale, and the listeners an impression of the range of ongoing research and of possible methodological approaches. Student projects as well as research projects carried out at the English Linguistics section of TU Dortmund will be presented and discussed.
Participation in this class is strongly recommended to students who are writing or are planning to write a thesis under either Prof. Ronan's or Prof. Buschfeld's supervision.

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