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Summer Semester 2020

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Course Information
Nr. Kursbezeichnung Typ Zeit Raum DozentIn
154680 South by Southwest 2 OS Di 16:00 - 18:00 RUB, GA04/149 Brückmann
Course Description

Steel Belt, Rust Belt, Bible Belt – a number of regions in the United States carry names that supposedly denote their economic and social characteristics. This seminar focuses on the emergence, evolution, and transformation of the lower third of the United States’ continental territory as the Cotton Belt and, subsequently, the Sunbelt in the long 19th and 20th centuries.
The course will take intersectional approaches to the history of slavery and the rise of the cotton empire in the Deep South, the repercussions of the Civil War and Reconstruction, industrialization and the so-called southern industrial lag, migration patterns, evolving immigration policies and border disputes, international relations with the Caribbean and Mexico, and race and gender relations.
We will discuss federal, regional, and local modernization and urbanization efforts and the demographic and economic revival and conceptual reinvention/re-branding of the South and Southwest from “Dixie” to “Sunbelt” that started in the mid-20th century. Stretching from North Carolina to California, the Sunbelt saw the rise of technology and defense industries in the region from the 1940s onward; yet, the region continues to be highly differentiated.
Learning outcomes include the ability for students to identify and analyze key developments in Southern history and the history of the Southwest, the political and social history of space and spatialization, modes of production, and social hierarchization, and the environmental and sociocultural history of the region and the United States. Through the discussion of recent historical research and a particular focus on primary source work (including the work with digital repositories to conduct their own research on a topical aspect of their choice), students will critically reflection the entanglements of national and regional policies and the social construction of space.

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