"Poets to come": The Creative Reception of Walt Whitman

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  • WS 17/18

Course Information

Nr. Kursbezeichnung Typ Zeit Raum DozentIn
154668 "Poets to come": The Creative Reception of Walt Whitman 2 HS Mo 14:15 - 15:45 R. 0.406 Sattler

Course Description

“More than a century after his death, American poets still talk about, talk to and back to Walt Whitman. So palpable is Whitman’s presence that it is difficult for an American poet to define himself or herself without direct reference to him,” writes Ed Folsom in the “Introduction” to the volume The Measure of His Song, a collection of global voices responding to Whitman. Indeed, Whitman envisioned poets as his audience, and asked them to continue his legacy. Following an introduction to Whitman’s most important writings, this class will engage with a selection of creative responses Whitman has triggered over the years ranging from his contemporaries to the current American Poet Laureate, Juan Felipe Herrera, from Langston Hughes to Allen Ginsberg and Philip Levine, and from Adrienne Rich to June Jordan, Sharon Olds and Mary Oliver. We will especially be looking at Whitman’s democratic, inclusive and activist stance and how this legacy has left a lasting imprint on social movements in the United States and beyond. In the course of this class, participants will be encouraged to also respond creatively to Whitman – be it by keeping a diary tracking their reactions, writing a poem, or collecting Whitman quotes and references they encounter outside the university in the course of the semester. These responses will culminate in a public event in January of 2018.

Particularly recommended for students of the Angewandte Studiengänge.

Reading List

A reader will be made available at the beginning of the semester.


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  • GyGe/BK: 602, 701, 702, 1002, 1003
  • SP: 703
LABG 2016:
  • G: 602, 703, 704
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  • SP: 703
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