Anthony Cartwright

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Sommersemester 2019

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154522 Anthony Cartwright 2 HS Mo 14:15 - 15:45 R. 3.208 Piskurek
Course Description

Although Anthony Cartwright is frequently hailed as "one of the best young writers in Britain today" (British Council), and his five novels have received much acclaim, his work has not yet been widely discussed in academia. This seminar is about to change that. Cartwright's novels are all set in the West Midlands, more precisely the area known as the Black Country. This is a region which has suffered severely from the decline of traditional industries, and Cartwright's working-class characters are thus faced with the task of constantly renegotiating their region's post-industrial identity. Whether they focus on football, xenophobia, Brexit, or/and unemployment, his texts engage with crises of masculinity, nationality, ethnicity, generation etc. In this seminar, we will have a close look at Cartwright's Heartland (2009), How I Killed Margaret Thatcher (2012), Iron Towns (2016), The Cut (2017), and discuss how they help us shape our understanding of contemporary Britain. Anthony Cartwright will visit our university in June/July, and participants will have the opportunity to discuss his work with the writer himself.
Course requirements will be discussed in the first session.

2009 703, 704 601, 1001 601, 701, 702, 1001 703
2016 601, 703, 704 601, 1001 601, 701, 702, 1001 703
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