Beginners in WS 21/22

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Info on Structure & Course of Your Studies (LABG 2016a)

Hier finden Sie Informationen der Fachkoordination Englisch (samt Audiokommentar) zum Aufbau und Ablauf Ihres Studiums.
Click here to download the PowerPoint with included voice-over in German (20mb).

Studienbücher Lehramt (LABG 2016a)

Here you will find the "Studienbuch" for each of the school forms you can study in Lehramt (LABG 2016a). Each school form has a different "Studienbuch", so pick the one that corresponds with your choice of study. This will be your primary means by which you collect signatures to prove your successful participation in classes and any exams you have passed.

Introduction to English & American Studies

Here you will find an overview of the different teams and disciplines in English and American Studies, including a brief description of their foci, classes suited for first-semester students and short introductions of professors and teaching staff.

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Notes on Digital Classes

Here you will find a few important points to keep in mind, since many courses this semester will be taught digitally.

  • What you should have:
    • Webcam: Since many courses will be taught digitally, a webcam is the most useful way of interacting in class.
    • Zoom and Webex, the video conferencing softwares, available through the university. Login with your university account.
  • What we expect:
    • Email: Check your university email account at least twice a day. Ideally it should be installed on your phone. This is the primary means of communication at the university, so you need to make sure that you are keeping up-to-date with it.
  • Zoom etiquette:
    • For most seminars, you are expected to have your cameras turned on for the synchronous sessions. Most instructors and teachers will rely on the non-verbal feedback you provide to judge whether they are communicating successfully, or whether they need to cover points in a different way. If they can't see you, they have no idea if you're following what they're saying.
    • When you join a Zoom session, please log in with your full name.
    • Please treat your instructors and fellow students with the same respect you would in a face-to-face teaching situation (or better).