Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen - The Tower of Song

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  • WS 18/19

Course Information

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154643 Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen - The Tower of Song 2 PS Do 12:15 - 13:45 R. 0.406 Berendt-Metzner

Course Description

Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, one American, one Canadian. Both are highly acclaimed singers and songwriters: Bob Dylan received the highest literary award, the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2016; Leonard Cohen, who passed away in that same year, wrote “songs for eternity” at least that is what his critics say. Do they deserve to be called poets? Is their work literature in its own right or ‘simply’ songs? In this seminar, we will look into the life and work of both artists. We will read their poetry as well as their prose texts, such as some of the novels by Cohen, listen to the songs and look into their biographies and autobiographies. Their lives will play an important part of the course, not as positivistic biography-hunting but as autobiographical texts paralleling their work. How did they start their careers? How important is their personal background? What influenced them and what influence did they have on others - poets, writers, artists, singers and you and me?

Particularly recommended for students of the Angewandte Studiengänge.

Reading List

Apart from many of their song lyrics, we will read excerpts from biographies and autobiographies as well as prose texts by Dylan and a selection of novels by Cohen.


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