British Explorers

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Sommersemester 2019

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154225 British Explorers 2 HS Mi 12:15 – 13:45 R. 3.208   R. 3.206 Lenz
Course Description

At one point in history, there was a scramble to colour in the last white spots on the map of the world. The nations raced to claim these ‘empty’ spots for themselves and thus to expand their mother countries’ reach. The British were especially prolific when it came to exploring and shaping the world and saw some exceptional explorers whose expeditions still inspire us. In this course we will look at factual but also fictionalised accounts of some of the most well-known British expeditions: Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett and his search for the lost city of Z, Sir John Franklin’s and Francis Crozier’s attempt to find the North-West passage, Gertrude Bell’s idea of what ‘Iraq’ is supposed to be, Mary Kingsley’s travels to West Africa, or Professor Challenger’s journey to the lost world. A reader will be made available by the beginning of the semester and the texts to be purchased will be uploaded on iaawiki soon.
Credit will be awarded on the basis of one of the following: AT (active participation), written test (Klausur), term paper or project. Attendance at the first session is mandatory!

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