Diaspora and Literature

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  • SS 13

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The twentieth and twenty-first centuries have seen a considerable increase in people’s mobility which has influenced how we imagine home and nation. In these times, diaspora has come to mean both forced and voluntary dispersal of a people from a homeland to which they often maintain sentimental, nostalgic, and cultural attachments. Diaspora thus always signifies a transgression of boundaries as well as reconceptualization of imagined spaces such as home and categories of belonging. This course will explore different notions of diaspora and displacement as well as the imaginative and theoretical appeal of “diaspora” as a critical category. Topics will include nation, home, migration, exile and refugee, post-colonialism, transnationalism, travel and terror. We will read texts written by diasporic communities in the United States as well as variety of important theoretical texts by scholars such as Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, Robin Cohen, and Benedict Anderson. A reader will be made available at the beginning of the semester.

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  • Tue 16:00 - 17:30, R. 0.406


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