Hard Rain: The Vietnam War

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Sommersemester 2019

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154669 Hard Rain: The Vietnam War 2 HS Do 08:30 - 10:00 R. 0.420 Laemmerhirt
Course Description

The Vietnam War was one of America’s longest and most contested wars. Since the American involvement has become the defining marker of this war, it is not surprising that most accounts of this war – both fictional and non-fictional – focus on an American perspective and deal with the American trauma. Within this context, Vietnam is frequently reduced to a backdrop setting hosting vicious, barely human enemies or exotic love interests.
In this course, we will discuss the Vietnam War from different perspectives, hence shifting away from a merely Western approach to this war. We will investigate different representations of this war, including speeches, songs, architecture, movies, poetry, and novels.

Reading List
  • Please purchase and start reading the following novels:
    • Michael Herr. Dispatches. (1977)
    • Bobbie Ann Mason. In Country. (1985)
    • Thi Bui. The Best We Could Do. (2017)
  • A reader with additional material will be made available at the beginning of semester.

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