Input, Output, and Task-based Learning in Bilingual Programmes

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154323 Input, Output, and Task-based Learning in Bilingual Programmes 2 HS Mi 16:15 - 17:45 R. U 331 Nold
Course Description

In this class we will deal with theories of L2 acquisition, FL learning and teaching with a focus on methodology in different contexts, and we will address the issue of bilingual learning and teaching:

  • theories of second language acquisition (e.g. input, output) and their relevance to EFL learning and teaching in regular and bilingual classes,
  • methodological concepts such as TBLT, and we will also take strategic competences (e.g. How to learn effectively) into account.
  • bilingualer Sachfachunterricht/CLIL, bilingual modules will also be a major focus, including questions of communication and linguistic subskills/subcompetences.

Empirical research on the success of bilingual programs in our schools will be an issue, also the special didactic and methodological questions that have to be considered when teaching a subject such as music or physics or history in English. Concepts of FL methodology will be connected with language competences as described in Bildungsstandards and the Common European Framework. We will use both methodological concepts and our knowledge of competences for lesson planning. The role of language form has to be considered, too. The emphasis on methodological issues is essential as soon as we try to develop communicative competences in the EFL classroom and in bilingual programmes at different stages of the learners’ development.
There will be class tasks, both in group and/or partner work, and we will develop prototypical units for teaching at different levels, also depending on the participants´ special interests.

Reading List

Every participant should become familiar with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ( – text can be loaded down), and Bildungsstandards (texts on www for loading down). Relevant results of the DESI study (an electronic text will be provided) will also be studied.
A reader on FL methodology, especially TBLT, and language competences that we are going to deal with will be available. We will include publications by Baker on Bilingualism, and also such publications as Alderson: Assessing Reading, and Buck: Assessing Listening (both Cambridge University Press) and Tesch, B., von Hammerstein, X., Stanat, P., Rossa, H. (2017): Bildungsstandards aktuell: Englisch/Französisch in der Sekundarstufe II.

Course Requirements

There will be a variety of topics for ten-minute presentations, there may be a final test for those who need it and there will also be enough topics for critical papers.

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