Introduction to British Literary Studies - Group E

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  • WS 13/14

Instructor and Course Number

Course Description

Within British Literary Studies, the course introduces students to major issues of literary theory and criticism, literary history, genre poetics, textual analysis as well as academic working methods. The first part of the course will focus on thematic sessions on the various sub-disciplines in British Literary Studies including discussions of exemplary texts. The second part is organized in form of sessions with oral presentations by participants. Both the discussions in class and individual work on the term papers and oral presentations will introduce participants to a range of important works of British literature.

Course Dates and Room

  • Thu 12:00 - 14:00, R. 3.208


In order to pass this course, a successful oral presentation has be given as well as a written term paper handed in.

Required Reading

Apart from texts which will be provided in a reader at the beginning of the semester, students are required to purchase the following titles (please refer to the ISBN codes where given):

  • George Bernard Shaw: Pygmalion (any edition is fine).
  • Anthony McCarten: Death of a Superhero (ISBN: 978-1846882876, Alma Books).
  • The set textbook for the course (also recommended for purchase) is Vera & Ansgar Nünning: An Introduction to the Study of English and American Literature. Stuttgart et al.: Ernst Klett Sprachen.


Lehramtsstudiengänge Angewandte Sprachwissenschaften/Angewandte Literatur-/Kulturwissenschaften
  • BA LA: 101
  • MA LA:
  • B.A.ALK: Kern 2abc
  • B.A.AS: Komp 2a
  • M.A.ALK:
  • M.A.AS:
  • LPO 2003:
    • GHR:
    • GyGe:
    • SP1. Fach:
    • SP2. Fach:
    • BK:
  • LPO 1994/2000:
  • LABG 2009:
    • G: 401
    • HRG: 401
    • GyGe/BK: 401
    • SP: 401