James Bond

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  • WS 16/17

Course Information

Nr. Kursbezeichnung Typ Zeit Raum DozentIn
154511 James Bond 2 PS Mi 12:15 – 13:45 R. 3.208 Lenz

Course Description

Britain’s most important man is not the prime minister or his doctor. No, it is the man who is on her majesty’s secret service: James Bond. Daniel Craig has recently stated that he is no longer willing to live and let die. Thus, it appears it is time to take stock of the oeuvre so far and critically assess the spy who loves all women, dry martinis and a view to kill. We will apply many theories – such as psychoanalysis, gender, (post-)colonialism, cultural geography, and many more – to find out whether Bond’s world is ‘not enough’. Yet, as he is not the only one with a licence to kill we will also consider the competition. Be aware that you have to watch many movies on your own! You are expected to hand in two essays about two different texts during the semester. Bond will return...


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