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(Courses in the SS 19)
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====<p style="background-color:#B2EC5D;">'''Courses in the SS 19'''</p>====
====<p style="background-color:#B2EC5D;">'''Courses in the WS 19/20'''</p>====
*[[Introduction to Cultural Studies]] – Group C
*[[Irish Film]]
*[[British Crime Film]]
*''[[The Uses of Literacy]]''
====<p style="background-color:#B2EC5D">'''Courses in Past Semesters'''</p>====
====<p style="background-color:#B2EC5D">'''Courses in Past Semesters'''</p>====

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Current Announcements

Contact Information

Responsibilities/Research Interests

  • British cultural studies, with a focus on race, class, and representations of Scottish/Welsh devolution
  • Irish studies
  • Contemporary British and Irish literature
  • Critical Whiteness Studies
  • Film studies
  • A full overview of my research and publication activity can be found here.

Office Hours

Courses in the WS 19/20

Courses in Past Semesters

  • A list of courses in past semesters can be found here.