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Nr. Kursbezeichnung Typ Zeit Raum DozentIn
154461 Masterclass: Once Upon a Time 2 Ü Mi 12:15 - 13:45 R. 3.207 Bell
154462 Masterclass: Theater in the Classroom 2 Ü Do 14:15 - 15:45 R. 3.207 Stutz
Course Description

MA LABG 2009/2016 & MA Angewandte only
MA Angewandte students can only take this class for AT
The Masterclass is intended to give students the opportunity to practise and improve their language through a variety of different topics and areas.

Once Upon a Time

No, not the TV show. In this course we’ll be looking at the history and conventions of fairy tales, myths and legends with a view to deconstructing them and creating our own postmodern reworkings. We will also learn about the key components of writing creatively and how to utilize them. Assessment is a 3000-word short story or equivalent.

Theater in the Classroom

“All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players.” This course will not only cover a wide range of genres in theater in regard to theory, but also in regard to practice. We will read, watch, write, and act theater pieces in order to better understand the subject and explore options for classroom application, all while showcasing and refining our English skills. Although prior experience isn’t necessary, an interest in the topic and willingness to do some acting is preferred.

2009 702 902 902 702
2016 702 902 902 702
2016a 702 903 903 702
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PO ab WS 16/17: 1d 2b
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