Mediating Shakespeare

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Winter Semester 2021/22

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154522 Mediating Shakespeare 2 HS Mo 10:15 - 11:45 R. 3.208 Piskurek & Sedlmayr
Course Description

More than 400 years after Shakespeare's death, the Bard's astounding contemporaneity is still tangible everywhere. Many theatres regularly offer new stage versions of his plays, critical studies on his life and works abound, 'serious' and popular artists alike engage with his legacy. Considering this Renaissance writer's lasting popularity, it is no small wonder, therefore, that Shakespeare has also remained an integral part of advanced secondary education.

This course is specifically designed as a 'Kulturdidaktik'-Seminar for LABG 2009/2016 students (Modul 10, HRSGe and GyGe/BK). After introductory sessions on the theoretical basics of Literaturdidaktik and Kulturdidaktik, we will read selected plays and consider how Shakespeare can be taught at school.

Depending on the situation regarding the pandemic, the seminar will be complemented by a field trip to Stratford-upon-Avon, which will probably take place at the end of March, 2022 (dates will be announced in due time). In cooperation with the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, we will watch performances by the Royal Shakespeare Company, attend seminars and workshops, and visit some of Stratford's outstanding Shakespearean landmarks.


The plays will be chosen with regard to the repertoire offered by the Royal Shakespeare Company in spring 2022. Therefore, we can only decide on the selection shortly before the beginning of the term. In any case, we will use the Norton Shakespeare. Here are the bibliographical data for the complete edition (there are also slimmer editions for the tragedies, the comedies, the histories, and the romances, respectively):
The Norton Shakespeare (2015), 3rd edition (International Student Edition), edited by Stephen Greenblatt et al., New York: Norton. ISBN: 9780393263121

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