Men in Crisis

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  • WS 16/17

Course Information

Nr. Kursbezeichnung Typ Zeit Raum DozentIn
154512 Men in Crisis 2 PS Mo 14:15 – 15:45 R. 3.306 Lenz

Course Description

“Keep back, lady, no one is going to catch me and make me a man.” (J.M. Barrie Peter and Wendy)

Refusing to grow up and face the facts is a trait common in many young men – why work when playing is so much more fun? However, there is a time when one has to realise and admit that youth is not infinite, nor that perpetual egocentrism is a good idea. In this course, we will primarily discuss three novels with very different problems and crises: Identity, masculinity, family, religion and/or sexuality. It appears that in recent years men have become miserable – but who or what is to blame for that?

Required Reading

Please buy the novels (not as e-books!) and start reading soon as not all are an easy read:

  • Mike Gayle. Mr Commitment.
  • Sunjeev Sahota. Ours Are the Streets.
  • Christos Tsiolkas. Dead Europe.

Course Requirements

In order to pass this course you have to write a term paper.


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