Migration and Narration

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  • WS 18/19

Course Information

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154645 Migration and Narration 2 PS Mo 08:30 - 10:00 R. 0.420 Sniezyk

Course Description

By necessity, migration is movement along a continuous path, albeit not always unidirectional or straightforward. However, more than that, the experience of migrating is characterized by ruptures and transformation that do not necessarily translate easily into linear narrations. In this seminar we will be looking at different examples of literature about/of migration that will range from conventional migrants’ success stories to experimental texts. We will think about how and why individuals record stories of movement; how expatriate and diaspora histories are written and recorded; how these stories influence the homeland and host country; how stories of disruption and displacement can be narrated, how migration can change individual, national, or collective identities, and how differences of gender, race, and class complicate migrant experiences.

Reading List

Please buy Bharati Mukherjee’s Jasmine (Grove Press, 1989) and Meena Alexander’s Manhattan Music (Mercury House, 1997). Further reading will be announced and a reader made available in the beginning of the semester.


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