Moral Challenges: Controversies in American Political Thought

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Winter Semester 2020/21

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154644 Moral Challenges: Controversies in American Political Thought 2 PS Mi 14:15 - 15:45 R. 3.237 Sandsmark
Course Description

This course examines a selection of the most significant moral and political challenges that the United States has confronted throughout its history, from the founding era up through the present day. The first half of the course addresses the problems that the founding documents of the nation were designed to manage, such as the nature of political legitimacy, the structure of democratic rule, and the scope of individual liberty. We will direct special attention toward the controversies generated by perhaps the most consequential sentence in the U.S. Constitution—the First Amendment. Are the freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment (religion, speech, etc.) the most important rights a government can protect? To complement our study of these domestic political issues, the second half of the class will examine some of the international challenges the U.S. has faced as it rose to ever greater prominence during the 20th Century. Has the hegemonic power of the U.S. enhanced or hindered global peace and stability? What obligations does the United States have to the rest of the world?
Evan Sandsmark ist Gastdozent der University of Virginia.

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