NY-LON: Twisting Tales

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Ever wondered what might have happened if a certain story had progressed differently from its well-known path? If for example, Sleeping Beauty woke up on her own accord without a prince present. Or if Moby Dick were not a whale but an alien life form or a giant submarine. Postmodernism has seen a rise in narratives that subvert common myths, stories or facts and creates something entirely new. This is what we are going to trace – the subversive element! This Blockseminar is designed to give you an outlook on what it means to work scientifically. On five Saturdays, you will learn creative and academic writing which will culminate in a small conference at which you will present your papers – via the up-and-coming form of a Science Slam. As this course is taking place only on weekends, students are expected to do their own research and writings and present their findings/ output to the group. Meeting on the weekends, you will be tutored not only by the lecturers but also by your fellow students and thus it requires active participation as well as the incentive to work autonomously. Do you dare the adventure? As this is a project seminar, we can take only 20 participants in the “2. Studienphase”. Students who would like to participate should apply via email to christian.lenz@tu-dortmund.de.