New Ethnicities in Britain

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Winter Semester 2020/21

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154526 New Ethnicities in Britain 2 HS Di 08:30 - 10:00 digital Sedlmayr
Course Description

In a now classical essay from 1989, "New Ethnicities", Stuart Hall proposed that "[t]he term ethnicity acknowledges the place of history, language and culture in the construction of subjectivity and identity". The concept of ethnicity, understood in this way, offered an alternative to constricting and essentialising notions of identity and hence promised to open up "a new cultural politics which engages rather than suppresses difference and which depends, in part, on the cultural construction of new ethnic identities". Today, nearly thirty years later, Hall's hopes appear to have reached an impasse: the fact that racially and religiously motivated attacks in the UK have risen dramatically after the Brexit referendum illustrates that 'multiculturalism' is increasingly considered to be a 'problem'. While those in the liberal camp seem to dwindle, the revival of ideas of ethnic and national purity indicates a 'white backlash' (rise of the 'New Right').
Since this seminar is a Kulturdidaktik-Seminar, we will first talk about the role that discussions of ethnicity can play in the EFL classroom (intercultural communicative competence, teaching literature etc.). Subsequently, we will consider how ethnic communities in the UK represent themselves culturally today.


You are required to purchase the following texts:

  • Evaristo, Bernardine. Girl, Woman, Other. Hamish Hamilton, 2019. [ISBN 9780241364901]
  • Hirsch, Afua. Brit(ish): On Race, Identity, and Belonging. Jonathan Cape, 2018. [ISBN 978-1911214281]
  • Shukla, Nikesh, ed. The Good Immigrant. Unbound, 2016. [ISBN 9781783523955]

Other texts will be made available via Moodle or the Semesterapparat.


Assignments: You are supposed to take part in a presentation group (with a focus on teaching) and, depending on what and according to which Studienordnung you study, write

  • an Unterrichtsentwurf (LABG 2009 HRGe),
  • a term paper (fachwissenschaftlich) plus reflection essay (Unterrichtsskizze) (LABG 2009 GyGe/BK),
  • a reflection essay (Unterrichtsskizze) (LABG 2016 HRSGe)
  • a Klausur (fachwissenschaftlich) plus reflection essay (Unterrichtsskizze) (LABG 2016 GyGe/BK).
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