Picture Books in the Primary English Classroom

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  • Please note that there are still enough copies of the course schedule in the Handapparat in the Emil-Figge-library.


  • SS 18

Course Information

Nr. Kursbezeichnung Typ Zeit Raum DozentIn
154223 Picture Books in the Primary English Classroom – Group A 2 HS Do 08:30 – 10:00 R. 3.206 Binder
154224 Picture Books in the Primary English Classroom – Group B 2 HS Do 10:15 – 11:45 R. 3.206 Binder

Course Description

By now we know ‘all’ about reading: Anglo-American reading research has proven that children will only become active, critical and life-long readers when they have experienced the pleasure of reading, of sharing meaning with others in their own childhood – at school, in extra-curricular activities or at home.
To make sense of words and pictures, to decode texts and images and relate them to each other, to construct meaning at various levels – all this is reading as a ‘cultural technique’. Moreover, these competencies provide an important basis for the development of the child’s sense of self, its identity and personality. Therefore there is no time to lose to initiate kids into that area of emotional/intellectual enrichment and psychological empowerment. Let’s make an early start!
The course offers guidance for future teachers in the Primary English Classroom for selecting suitable and enjoyable books. We will explore various ways of how to use them in lessons of English, in cross-disciplinary work and extra-curricular activities. The aim is to encourage children to start their reading careers in a foreign language and keep them inspired in the years to come. Future teachers are welcome to test their insights and skills in schools and Bilingual Kindergartens. But the course is also open to lovers of books and book illustration.

The course has several practical goals, for which, however, a few historical/theoretical/didactical premises need to be established. In detail, we will enter various interesting fields of study:

  • History and theory of children’s literature
  • Reading research, literacy development and reading pedagogy
  • The semiotics of the picture book and techniques of story-telling (interanimation of text and pictures)
  • The history and technology of book illustration and graphic design
  • The didactics of primary school teaching; pedagogical principles of the use of picture books in the Primary English Classroom
  • Issues of multi-, inter- and cross-culturality

The central topic of the course is the interanimation of text and pictures in picture books.
Knowledge and competencies in those areas will help you to make better choices, judge competently and use picture books with a sure eye for the quality of the word-picture interanimation and its possible effects on young readers. The books chosen will cover a broad range of subjects and topics as well as styles of language and illustration. Many of them are available in our library (BSP).

The preliminaries will be sorted out in the very first session, so be here on time! Personal attendance during the first session is required to maintain the enrolment status.

Course Requirements

When you pick the course, please consider the particular requirements you need to fulfil according to your examination regulations. Credits will be awarded on the basis of either:

  • ‘aktive Teilnahme’ (‘Referat und Ausarbeitung’ [oral presentation and shorter paper] or ’project as AT’)
  • ‘Hausarbeit’ (term paper) including participation in classroom discussions
  • Literature/Culture Projects (presentation in class)

Required Reading

A ‘Reader’ will be available a week prior to the beginning of the course. You can purchase it at the copyshop and are expected to have it with you in the first session.


Lehramtsstudiengänge: MA BML 2005:
  • 1301, 1303
LPO 2003:
  • GHR: 5c
  • GyGe: 6a, b
  • SP1. Fach: 5c
  • SP2. Fach: 4b
  • BK: 6a, b
LABG 2009:
  • G: 703, 704, 801, 802
  • HRG: 601, 801, 1001
  • GyGe/BK: 601, 701, 702, 802, 1001
  • SP: 703, 704, 801, 802
LABG 2016:
  • G: 601, 703, 704, 801, 802
  • HRSGe: 601, 801, 1001
  • GyGe/BK: 601, 701, 702, 802, 1001
  • SP: 703, 704, 801, 802
Angewandte Sprachwissenschaften/

Angewandte Literatur-/Kulturwissenschaften:

  • B.A.ALK: Kern: 6abc Komp: 3abc
  • B.A.AS: Kern: 6bc Komp: 4a
  • M.A.ALK: 1abc
  • M.A.AS: 2ab
Angewandte Sprachwissenschaften/

Angewandte Literatur-/Kulturwissenschaften PO ab WS 16/17:

  • B.A.ALK: Kern: 6abc, 7a Komp: 3abc
  • B.A.AS: Kern: 6bc Komp: 4a
  • M.A.ALK: 1abd
  • M.A.AS: 2ab