Ringvorlesung: The Great Variety of British Cultural Studies

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  • Instructor: Jürgen Kramer und Gastdozenten
  • Semester: SS 11
  • Course Description:

British Cultural Studies have become an established part of English Studies in German universities over the last decade and a half. What they have in common is that they have replaced the traditional forms of Englandkunde, Landeskunde or Kulturkunde. But they have differed in their choices of topics and their theoretical approaches. This series of lectures & seminars is intended to make Dortmund students of English familiar with the great variety of British Cultural Studies, including their historical development. Perhaps it will also be possible to find out about their effect and influence on the nature of English curricula in BA, MA and teacher training courses of study. Colleagues from diverse German and British universities will join the Dortmund team in answering questions such as 'Why do British Cultural Studies matter?', 'How should they be studied?' and 'How can they be made more interesting and more effective?'

  • 14.06.2011: Tobias Döring (München) Eating Culture: British Culinary Studies
  • 21.06.2011: Claudia Sternberg (Leeds) BCS and Ethnography
  • 28.06.2011: Ellen Grünkemeier (Hannover) Postcolonial Cultural Studies: Critical Perspectives on the 'New South Africa'
  • 05.07.2011: Hans Peters (Dortmund) The Great Variety of Scots: Language and Literature
  • 12.07.2011: Jürgen Kramer Summary / Evaluation