Southern Gothic Novels by William Faulkner

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Summer Semester 2021

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154661 Southern Gothic Novels by William Faulkner 2 HS Mo 10:15 – 11:45 digital Ogihara-Schuck
Course Description

The prominent modernist writer and leading figure of the Southern Literary Renaissance William Faulkner has maintained a solid status in the American literary tradition. Often called one of the greatest American novelists, his novels, such as The Sound and the Fury (1929) and Light in August (1932), have gained wide audiences both inside and outside of the United States. Yet, Faulkner, unlike Ernest Hemingway, another prominent American modernist author, gained fame relatively late. Faulkner gained more criticism than praise in the 1930s when he was continuously publishing novels, and by the end of World War II, many of his works had gone out of print. Faulkner gained sudden recognition when the literary critic Malcom Cowley’s The Portable Faulkner, a collection of Faulkner’s short stories and chapters from novels, was published in 1946. A few years later, Faulkner won the Nobel Prize in Literature before Hemingway.
What was special about Cowley’s assessment and selection of Faulkner’s texts? What was the historical context that boosted the re-evaluation of the author nationwide and abroad? This course encourages students to engage these questions by reading the stories introduced in Cowley’s volume and examining their reception before and after World War II. The course ultimately aims at understanding the genre of Southern gothic against the historical background of both the texts and their reception.

Course Requirements

Minimum course requirements are regular class participation and an oral presentation.

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