Student-Centred EFL

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Winter Semester 2019/20

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154333 Student-Centred EFL 2 PS/HS Mi 14:15 - 15:45 R. U.331 Kane
Course Description

Many recent theoretical approaches to EFL learning and best-practice recommendations for EFL teaching stress the importance of activating the learner. EFL learners, so it is suggested, will benefit from taking control of their own learning, from implementing their own strategies, and from being able to set their own goals. A further strand in this argument highlights the social function of language and promotes the importance of activating learning within a meaningful social context. This seminar will examine these ideas and their background, and give students the opportunity to try out some of the methods favoured by the proponents of these procedures. We will be looking at the Vygotskian idea of scaffolding and its implementation in task-based learning and also be discussing the advantages and disadvantages of group, peer and partner learning, the use of project work, and the role that the internet might play in these approaches. The contribution of the teacher to a student-centred classroom will be of particular interest. In keeping with the topic of the seminar, students are encouraged to take on an active role themselves by designing units and organising activities. Reading lists will be available. Students will have the opportunity to complete various academic tasks.

Recommended reading: George M. Jacobs, Willy A. Renandya. Student Centered Cooperative Learning: Linking Concepts in Education to Promote Student Learning. Springer, 2019.

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