Teaching the Four Skills

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Winter Semester 2019/20

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154321 Teaching the Four Skills 2 HS Di 10:15 - 11:45 R. 3.306 Harrington
Course Description

The seminar will begin with a theoretical overview of speaking and listening, and reading and writing, specifically with regard to the naturalness of the first pair and the man-made semioticity of the second, and with regard to the receptive nature of listening and reading and the productive nature of speaking and writing. The seminar will cover the many subskills that reading, writing, speaking and listening involve and that are traditionally taught, but will also consider modern insights from the fields of genre analysis (looking at macro structure and lexico-grammar) and corpus linguistics (looking at pragmatic language). One of the main objectives of this seminar is to show how the four skills can be taught in an integrative (integrating all the skills, grammar and vocabulary) and inclusive (accommodating all students) manner. Towards the latter part of the course, students will be shown how to integrate the four skills into lesson plans which will then be presented and practiced in microteaching sessions.
Reading material will be uploaded to the class Moodle.

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