The Meaning(s) of Language

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Summer Semester 2020

  • Due to the current situation, the dates and times of this seminar have changed (see below). It will also be held digitally.

Course Information
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154154 The Meaning(s) of Language - Blockseminar 2 HS
  • Fr, 19.06.
  • Sa, 20.06.
  • Fr, 26.06.
  • Sa, 27.06.
  • Fr, 03.07.
  • Sa, 04.07.
  • Fr, 10.07.
  • Sa, 11.07.
  • Jeweils 09:00 – 13:00
R. 3.206 Möhlig-Falke
Course Description

This course will take place digitally.

This course explores the different layers of meaning in and of language. We will talk about the relationship between language and communication, the nature of the linguistic sign, and the study of semantics, as the meaning of linguistic signs. We will look into the similarities and differences between lexical and grammatical meaning, linguistic categorization and conceptualization within the Cognitive Linguistic framework, the relationship between language and thought, and the issue of language acquisition. We will further look at the meaning of language above the level of the sentence, i.e. meaning on the level of discourse and in speaker–hearer interaction (pragmatics). Finally, we will focus on the social function, or meaning, of language, i.e. its role in identity construction, the emotional expression of the ‘self’, linguistic stance and attitudes towards others’ language.

Course Requirements

For a course certificate, students are required to take part in a group presentation on the second weekend and to submit an academic term paper or written assignment.

Reading List

Suggested background reading:
Griffiths, Patrick. 22016. An Introduction to English Semantics and Pragmatics. (Edinburgh Textbooks on the English Language). Edinburgh: Edinburgh UP.
Cruse, David Alan. 32011. Meaning in Language. An Introduction to Semantics and Pragmatics. Oxford: OUP.

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