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====<p style="background-color:#B2EC5D">'''Course dates'''</p>====
====<p style="background-color:#B2EC5D">'''Course dates'''</p>====
*Mon 2:15 - 3:45
*Mon '''2:00 - 3:30''' (geringfügige Änderung der Uhrzeit!)
====<p style="background-color:#B2EC5D">'''Room'''</p>====
====<p style="background-color:#B2EC5D">'''Room'''</p>====
*R. 3.208
*R. 3.20'''6''' (Raumänderung!)
====<p style="background-color:#B2EC5D">'''Credits'''</p>====
====<p style="background-color:#B2EC5D">'''Credits'''</p>====

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  • SS 12


Course Description

One does not need to draw such a strict border between North and South as Elizabeth Gaskell does in her 1855 novel of the same title, but it should be obvious for any student of England that there is a "North-South divide". Whether one focuses on demographic, economic, linguistic or cultural differences, the South with London as the 'epicentre of everything' seems to be more privileged, while the industrial North comes across as the disadvantaged little brother. Therefore, it seems only logical that a strong regional affiliation and collective identity is all the more crucial for Northerners.
In this seminar, we will investigate how the North of England as a distinctive region was perceived historically, how the Industrial Revolution, football or Merseybeat helped to develop Northern identities, and how Northernness and the North are represented in various fictional texts from different centuries. As for filmic representations, we will discuss Mark Herman's film Purely Belter and episodes from television dramas Our Friends in the North and Boys from the Blackstuff.

Course dates

  • Mon 2:00 - 3:30 (geringfügige Änderung der Uhrzeit!)


  • R. 3.206 (Raumänderung!)


  • Course requirements will be discussed in the first session.

Required Reading

  • Brontë, Emily (1857), Wuthering Heights. There are numerous editions available on Amazon, starting from 2,50 € for new books. Even cheaper copies are available as used books or via inter-library loan.
  • The additional Reader for this seminar will be available in the copyshop below "Sonnendeck" on the first day of class, and will cost approximately 10 €.