Theories of Second Language Acquisition

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Winter Semester 2020/21

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154156 Theories of Second Language Acquisition 2 HS Di 16:15 – 17:45 digital Harrington
Course Description

Theories of second language acquisition (SLA) and learning will be explored on this course. The course will proceed from SLA theory as influenced by theories of first language acquisition, behaviorism, nativism, cognitive learning, and processability, through to the more specific influences (especially in the context of input, output and interaction) from the fields of linguistics, sociolinguistics and applied linguistics.
What might be termed as the variables of second language acquisition, such as age, gender, motivation, learner styles, bilingualism, intelligence, memory and the dichotomy of acquisition/formal learning, will be explored not only in their own right, but also with a view to establishing the applicability of the insights from such research to second language teaching. Furthermore, not only research on linguistic competence, but also research on the acquisition of pragmatic, discourse and sociolinguistic competence, given the influence of such considerations on communicative language teaching, will be explored.
Finally, concepts such as interlanguage, critical periods and fossilization will be reassessed in the light of new research, especially that which avails of insights from learner corpora.

Course Requirements

Course readings and course requirements and assignments will be discussed in the first class.

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