Transatlantic Trump: The Novel Presidency between Europe and America

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Sommersemester 2019

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Course Information
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154663 Transatlantic Trump: The Novel Presidency between Europe and America - Blockseminar 2 HS 28.05.- 09.07.19:
Di 08:30 – 11:45
R. 0.420 Grünzweig
Course Description

This course, which is part of the International Summer Program, will look at the Trump Presidency from a transatlantic perspective. Students from Europe and the United States will investigate Trump as a cultural and political phenomenon and attempt to grasp its international significance. Are Populism and Anti-Intellectualism international phenomena? Is there a European Trumpism? Is Stephen Bannon successful in transferring American political culture to Europe? The class will start on 28 May, immediately after the Elections to the European parliament which will allow us to discuss these questions in a very up-to-date political framework. In the first week, a student group from Northern Arizona University will join the seminar for a transatlantic dialogue in contemporary political culture(s) – including the evening of Tuesday, 28 May and Thursday, 30 May (Himmelfahrt).

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