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Aktuelle Änderungen von Seminaren

  • See here for the other changes to the KVV.

  • Angewandte Sprachwissenschaften students
    • Ruth Möhlig-Falke is offering two Hauptseminare for students of Angewandte Sprachwissenschaften.
    • BA students can still register for the course Text Linguistics.
    • MA students can still register for the course Historical Pragmatics.
    • Go to the iaawiki pages to find more information about the courses and how to register.

⇒ is going to take place on Tuesday 10:15 - 11:45

  • English Reading Group:
    • This is an open group which anybody is welcome to join. Over the course of the semester we will meet four or five times to discuss a text that everybody has read and prepared for that day. The Reading List is open to suggestions by all participants, and we will decide at the beginning of the semester which books we are going to read. Students who are interested in participating are kindly asked to send an email to cyprian.piskurek@udo.edu. The first meeting will take place on October 12.