Vorlage:Aktuelle Änderungen von Sprechstunden

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Aktuelle Änderungen von Sprechstundenterminen

  • Barbara Hamblock: My next office hours have been moved to Wednesday 11 March 9-10 and Wednesday 18 March 9-10.

  • Richard Bell: My next office hour has been moved forward to Monday 09 March 11-12. The office hour on the following Wednesday will not take place.

  • Sekretariat: Das Sekretariat Englisch bleibt am Fr, 13.03.2015 geschlossen.

  • Randi Gunzenhäuser: I will be out of office starting on 06 February and will not return until 25 March. During this period, I have no access to my emails. In urgent matters, please contact Prof. Dr. Grünzweig.

  • Marie Hologa is currently on maternity leave. If you still need grades and signatures from previous semesters, please contact Christian Lenz.