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Nr. Kursbezeichnung Art der Prüfung Datum, Uhrzeit Raum DozentIn Bemerkungen
English-speaking Cultures of the World Monday, January 25th 2010
from 6-8 pm.
HG 2: HS 5 Stefan Schlensag Marie Hologa Cyprian Piskurek
IFC Thursday, January 27th 2011
from 6-8 pm
HG II HS 7 or Mathe E29 Barbara Hamblock, Andrew Jones, Emily Mulder, Jessica Sanders, Victoria Tallon If you are not taking an IFC, a WOC or a translation course this term but still want to be examined (e.g. a retake), please contact Victoria Tallon at least one week before the date of the examination.
WOC Monday, January 31st 2011
from 6-8 pm.
Mathe E29 Richard Bell, Tammy Kirchner,
Translation German/English Tuesday, February 1st 2011
from 6-8 pm.
Mathe E29 Barbara Hamblock,Victoria Tallon
The Whiteboard: Sitcoms Tuesday, February 1st 2011
from 4-6 pm.
Randi Gunzenhäuser
Pragmatics Friday, February 4th 2011
from 4-6 pm.
EF 50, 3.208 Tom Bauernfeind
English Syntax Wednesday, February 2nd 2011
from 12-2 pm.
EF 50, 3.205 Barbara Jansing