Welcome to the Jungle – Kipling’s The Jungle Books

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Course Information

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154511 Welcome to the Jungle – Kipling’s The Jungle Books 2 PS Di 10:15 – 11:45 R. 3.208 Lenz

Course Description

Now Rann, the Kite, brings home the night
That Mang, the Bat, sets free—
The herds are shut in byre and hut,
For loosed till dawn are we.
This is the hour of pride and power,
Talon and tush and claw.
Oh, hear the call!—
Good hunting all
That keep the Jungle Law!
(Night-Song in the Jungle)

Almost everyone knows the Disney version of one of the most beloved books in English literature – The Jungle Book. That Mowgli is but one character and Kaa, for example, not a ‘bad’ snake is, however, not so well-known. In this course we discuss Rudyard Kipling’s short stories from the two (!) Jungle Books and consider the literary-historical background. Additionally, we will consider adaptations of the Mowgli stories and compare his adventures to another boy who has grown up in the jungle. It is the aim of this course to make you familiar with a (jungle) world in which “the bare necessities” are not sung about but fought over – especially in a colonial context.

Reading List

Please buy the Penguin Classics Edition of The Jungle Books (ISBN: 978-0141196657).


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