Young Adult Fiction

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Course Information
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154226 Young Adult Fiction 2 HS Mi 10:15 - 11:45 digital Lenz
Course Description

A short disclaimer at the beginning: This is a reading-intensive course. Really, it is. We will read, analyse, interpret and discuss a variety of contemporary novels which can/must/might be categorised as young adult fiction.

Spanning multiple topics within young adult fiction (romance, fantasy, ethnicity, violence, LGBTQI, etc.), this course aims to apply various theories to explain both the texts as well as the (marketable) phenomenon. Moreover, we will discuss novels from different countries to find out whether some issues are universal.

Course Reading

Again, I cannot stress this enough - you will read a lot! Since this course is an online course, you are allowed to get the texts as e-reader versions (you can get e-reader software for your computer for free):

  • Fiona Wood Six Impossible Things
  • Keren David This Is Not a Love Story
  • Abigail Tarttelin Golden Boy
  • Sarwat Chadda Ash Mistry and the Savage Fortress
  • Soman Chainani The School for Good and Evil - A World Without Princes (please be aware that this is the second volume in the series. If you do not want to experience spoilers, you need to read the first volume beforehand)

Moreover, you are allowed to choose one novel yourself which we will read in this course - so you might want to inform yourself which you find preferable:

  • Muhammad Khan I Am Thunder OR Savita Kalhan The Girl in the Broken Mirror
Course Requirements

Credits will be awarded on the basis of either:

  • Hausarbeit’/term paper
  • ‘aktive Teilnahme’
  • Written exam
  • Literature and Culture Project

Personal attendance during the first session is required to maintain the enrolment status.

2009 703, 704 601, 1001 601, 701, 702, 1001 703
2016 601, 703, 704 601, 1001 601, 701, 702, 1001 703
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